How to find a conviction record

To learn if a conviction will be automatically erased when CT’s Clean Slate law goes into effect you need the statute number and date of the conviction.

Below are steps to find the statute number and date for a conviction. Read all the steps before starting. Remember that the State site does not say whether a conviction is eligible. You have to come back here to find out.

  1. Know the first and last name, and birth year for person on the conviction.
  2. Watch the video on this page to learn how to search for the statute number and date of conviction (skip this step if you already know how to find a statute number on the conviction record).
  3. Search for the conviction on the Connectcut Judicial Branch conviction search page.
  4. Save the conviction statute and date of conviction.
  5. Come back to the CleanSlateCt website and go to the conviction statute eligibility page.

Video about how to find a conviction record statute and date.