Content needed for CleanSlate CT web app

Based on our discussions, I have created this list of content that is needed for the CleanSlateCT web app. Please revise or add to the list.




Explains how the information on the site is for informational purposes only. The user must click an “I understand” button to proceed.

The page should also address privacy concerns.


Language so users quickly understand the nature of Clean Slate and who it is for.

About Clean Slate

Provides an overview of Clean Slate, who it is for, and eligibility requirements.

Am I Eligible

Explains eligibility requirements and provides a link to the eligibility tool.

Find a Conviction

Explains how to use the State system to find a conviction. Provides link to text and video directions.

I’m Eligible! Now what?

Explains what to do if you are eligible to have your conviction expunged.

I’m not Eligible. 

Explains legal options if not eligible due to length since conviction or ineligible conviction.


Provides answers to questions about the program. Redundancy is OK for already provided information.

CT Conviction List

Explain how to look/filter/sort the conviction list on the page.

Get Involved (or some other name)

Provide information and links about how to contribute stories or support the community.

Help Contact Page

When or why you would contact us. Contact Form. State contact? Report an issue.